Within a concrete shell punctuated by large glass openings, this home built in a peaceful location boasts timeless materials chosen by architects Gert Wingårdh to create comfort and ease. An open floor plan ensures a continuation of spaces creating a stunning routine maze by the sea. We know why houses are getting smaller, and it seems right to say that sometimes 3 meter high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows can create the illusion of an abundance of space.

The minimalist home elongates outdoors, where a spacious 400 square foot wooden deck guides your steps to the infinity edge pool and your gaze to the sea beyond. Located on Fragile Valla Bay in Särö, the modern home in Sweden gathers 289 square meters on two levels on a plot measuring 4,220 square meters. Concrete and wood were adjoined to shape a perfect blend of cold and hot. This mirrors the weather outside in a continuous circle. With a south-west orientation and a fully glazed facade, the home invites the sun to act as the main entertainment system at sunset, providing endless unique moments to anchor you in the present.
Mentioning that this beautifully modern home in Sweden has its own cozy beach means opening up new possibilities. If you’re more of a rough terrain lover, the hill unfolding behind the house will definitely convince you to acknowledge the owner’s access to the best of both worlds. The kitchen window not only looks out to the rocky hillscape, but also boasts a work of art: Philippe Starck ‘s Juicy Salif lemon squeezer. Stylish and practical glass sliding doors keep the ground floor connected to the wild inspiring surroundings. How would you like to live here?