Designers Alexei Ivanov and Pavel Gerasimov of studio GEOMETRIUM completed a modern apartment design in Saint Petersburg, Russia. A contemporary crib with plenty of natural materials was the main request forwarded by the client. The basis of the design scheme is a combination of marble, wood and black graphical elements. The apartment layout is divided in two areas: personal (bedroom, dressing room, zone make-up) and social (kitchen-living-dining room). Between the two, there are the bathrooms and a guest room. According to the designers, this arrangement is very convenient for the inhabitants.

The hallway is separated from the living room by vertical wooden slats. A wardrobe between the kitchen and hallway comes in handy for storing various clothing items. The dining room area (with 3 tapered black lamps above it) was envisioned for a group of six people. A reading corner and a small library were conveniently placed near the window. Vertical elements in the bedroom (doors, curtains, headboard, mirrors on the walls) in conjunction with light, visually increase the height of the ceiling. There is a whole dressing room behind the mirrored door. See any other interesting details? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by studio GEOMETRIUM]