Irish Architect Damien Murtagh took the idea of creativity in architecture to another level when designing Arckit, an ingenious kit that enables everyone to physically bring their ideas to life. Three years in the making, Arckit is a revolutionary freeform Scaled Architectural Model Making Kit based on a real modular housing system that Damien devised. It is a groundbreaking miniaturized version that Architects, Interior Designers, students of architecture and interiors, set designers, model makers and even individuals with their own grand designs can now use to materialize their thoughts in real model format. Have a look at the video below for a better understanding of the project:

The playful and sophisticated “Lego” upgrade requires no measuring, gluing, cutting or sticking. Moreover, Arkit’s patented panel by panel system adheres very much to today’s form of construction. “As designers, when making models, we have always glued materials together that could only ever be used once. Arckit is a zero glue product that can be assembled, dismantled, altered and extended continuously. In addition to the parts, each kit will come with  printable adhesive paper and within our website we will have a materials library where you can go to print off lots of images of materials like bricks, stones, wallpaper patterns etc. Therefore the structure’s visual appearance can change both internally and externally”. Arckit will be available to buy at hobby stores and from the Arckit website from mid November with price points ranging between £60 and £180. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Arckit ]