Instead of opting for a conventional house-tour video, the architects at Studio MK27 chose an intriguing story as a proper way to “describe” Casa Redux in Brazil. Produced by Pedro Kok and Gabriel Kogan, the video below is entitled “That was not my dream” and strangely enough, it narrates the “disadvantages” of living in an ultramodern home: ”Who would want that kind of house – cold, dull, lifeless? I was in search for what I had always imagined, a beautiful neoclassical project, the symbol of permanence, something with history. A home how we always dreamt… with pediments, ornamental columns… it will be impressive, beautiful, classical, a home as it should be.” Have a look at the movie and  feel the irony in every sentence.

Casa Redux is a massive single-floor holiday residence in the exclusive Quinta da Baroneza neighborhood, north of São Paulo.  As you can probably imagine, the story behind this movie is entirely fictional, yet we considered it an interesting approach to presenting a modern residence. “The idea was to intersect architecture with a narrative, making the space itself the central character. The human relationships here take place according to the architecture – they are transformed by it and they transform it,” architect Gabriel Kogan explained. We would love to know your thoughts on this artistic short film and the house it unconventionally depicts!