What can you add to a simple home to make it unique? Italian architects Francesco Librizzi and Matilde Cassani came up with a minimalist staircase design to enrich the overall look of an old dwelling: “An original 1900 house where windows, doors and tiled floors survived to modernity. The only possible intervention was an almost-2D frame, able to double the space in height and create new possibilities on other layers.” This unconventional staircase project is part of Casa C, a recently renovated house in Milan.

This thin metallic ladder was the perfect option for connecting two spaces in a tall and narrow house, thus linking the bottom level with a sleeping area above. The stairway was the main intervention of the project: “We thought it was only necessary to reveal the hidden potential of the space, leaving the rest of the house almost untouched. Nothing gloomy and nothing obsessed with the contemporary”, explained the architects. We are certain lovers of minimalism will enjoy this fresh approach; as usual, we would love to hear you comments regarding this unconventional renovation in Milan!