Building separate little houses for bath procedures is very common in Russia. However, architectural studio Artecology (led by Russian architect Andrey Bugaev) created a fairytale sauna on a seemingly fairytale land. According to the designers, the walls of this unusual dwelling are made of larch logs which are 280 mm in diameter. Larch wood is extremely resistant to moisture, strong and very pleasant to look at. In order to protect this material in the decades to come, all the treatments used in the process of building the hut (or as the Russians would say “Izbushka”), are natural and totally harmless.

The roof of the original bath-house hut immediately attracts attention. Soft and fabulous-looking, it not only protects from rain, but also from the cold. The izbushka-banya is heated by a wood burning stove built of brick, which opens to the steam bath section. Water is poured on the stones inside the stove and it transforms into a hot steam. On the second floor there is a small break area, where visitors can rest after a steam bath. In addition to this cozy bath-house, there is also a summerhouse built on the plot, in the same fairytale style. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by studio Artecology]