The architects at Atrium transformed an existing building on a harsh terrain into a contemporary residence able to respond to the growing needs of a family in Kosice, Slovakia. Villa M is structured on three levels and displays a powerful modern geometry. Two terraces, each one oriented in a different direction, contribute to a good indoor-outdoor connection, while better defining the architectural language of the buildings. The black silhouette with large expanses of glass stands out in its neighborhood, yet offers a high level of privacy due to its design.

The back of the house is linked to a beautiful wooden deck, offering opportunities for spending time outdoors, in a healthy environment. Step inside and you will discover spacious interiors, enlivened by an abundance of natural lighting and added a breezy feel through generously-sized curtains. A color palette in gray, beige, brown and white ensures a feeling of calmness, gently disrupted by a few more daring hues sprinkled here and there. Bedrooms are hosted on the upper level, offering expansive views of the surroundings. How would you personally characterize the atmosphere exhibited by this house in Slovakia?