No matter what the standpoint, the 66MRN House in Singapore displays an intriguing architectural language, spiced up with unexpected lines and shapes. Envisioned by the creative team at ONG&ONG, the project consists of two main volumes, with the front block accommodating the social spots, such as the living and formal dining areas, whilst service functions are relegated to the back, along with the kitchen. The social activity volume is clad in granite and the service block in fare-faced concrete, which makes for a subtle visual contrast in texture between the two.

The layout of this Zen-inspired home is clever and highly functional: “All spaces on the ground floor form a cohesive whole so that when all doors are open on the ground floor, the individual spaces merge into a one – starting from the lap pool and garden at the entrance, to the living room in the front block and all the way to the kitchen in the rear block. A reflective pool divides the two main blocks and sits at the base of a sheer three-story-high void that reaches the roof”. A minimalist decorating approach, natural textures and an abundance of greenery define the interiors, which are all strongly connected to the outdoors. [Photography by Derek Swalwell]