REK extending coffee table by Reinier de Jong Design is a flexible furniture piece available in two new versions: oak veneered and all-white. According to the designers, one of the two new versions is almost entirely white except for the subtle black lines. The edges are finished with solid hpl instead of wood. The dark core of the hpl enhances the sculptural nature of the table. Another new version has an oak wood finish all over, on special request of a client. In order to show how REK coffee table actually works, the producers have created a short video, uploaded by Freshome below:

You can extend REK in various ways, straight or sideways, whatever you like or fits best within your place. Built-in stops make sure that you will not extend the table too far or in the wrong direction. The bevelled edges function as a cut-out grip to start sliding the table parts from their basis position. A small example of creating something by taking something away, a recurring theme in Reinier de Jong’s work. The dimensions vary: from 60 by 80 cm to a maximum of 60 by 160 cm and 80 by 120 cm. REK coffee table is related to REK bookcase, the shelves that grow with your book collection. [Photos and information provided via e-mail  by Reinier de Jong Design]