There are a lot of creative ways one can bring traveling inside a home. Designer Florian Pucher took memories of his journeys and transferred them into the design of these comfortable rugs. LANDCARPET is the name of a project consisting of 88 different carpet models, each inspired by an aerial view of a landscape. “I have always loved to travel and tried to always get window seats on planes,” explained Pucher. The items are customizable, Eco-friendly and suitable for children (as they are made from natural wool and use non-toxic glue).

If you will have a look on the designer’s website, you will notice that each piece is inspired by the particularities of a certain country or continent: “Some countries are very easily recognizable through their methods of farming and that has always intrigued me. Furthermore as an architect and master planner I constantly get to see and look through site surveys, aerial images and city plans which have further sharpened my eye for distinguishable patterns and different layers.” Pucher’s LANDCARPETs are signed and hand tufted in limited edition. For making a purchase, you can contact the designer directly, by visiting the official website mentioned in the paragraph above.