We’re all keen on providing a healthy environment for ourselves in the privacy of our home, but once at a gym, the power is somehow stripped from you. Adding a personal insight into your every workout, Gymtrack keeps track of members workouts by using a “smart pin” that transforms the web of your gym’s machines into a virtual personal training wonderland. This new system organizes the gym experience by dramatically re-shaping what gyms can offer their customers in terms of tracking, motivation and feedback.

A bracelet worn by each gym member tracks their workout and suggests improvements. This high tech fitness solution for gyms encourages members to shape up by keeping them motivated and engaged. Gyms can provide automated workout tracking and feedback to all members by simply installing the Gymtrack on all their machines, weight stack, cardio machines or free weights and it can even be used when doing body weight exercises. The Gymtrack is standalone, it needs no smartphone to function but “using Gymtrack with a smartphone or app-enabled device allows users to receive auditory feedback in real-time. Gymtrack will guide members through their workout, motivate them, and make sure they don’t feel lost, confused, or intimidated in the gym ever again.

Gymtrack is presented as the Future of Fitness and it can certainly become just that – the beginning of a fitness revolution. Traditional personal training can be supplemented with these patent pending sensor systems that easily install on any existing gym equipment. Challenging not only members to work consistently but also your personal trainers to re-shape their interaction and impact on members, Gymtrack changes the rules:  “Personal trainers from your gym can create personalized workout plans for your members and use the Gymtrack platform to track their progress, provide feedback, and update their plan to help them reach their goals. Clients can message personal trainers through Gymtrack’s app or website, rate exercises, workouts, and even personal trainers in order to make sure they end up with a workout plan that’s right for them.”

In addition to this, “Gymtrack even provides important metrics such as force, power, explosiveness, tempo, range of motion, and time under tension– allowing both members and personal trainers to gain a deeper insight into their workouts.” Since you can’t lie to a machine that monitors your pulse, force and determination, you can’t lie to yourself. Going beyond regular fitness tracking technology, Gymtrack creates gym communities and helps members reach new height in their fitness levels. Even if technology is one of the 10 must-have items that luxurious buyers want most, the Gymtrack will change the way your interaction with gym equipment changes the outcome. So a gym membership will be starting to look differently with the implementation of this new gym tracking system. It will be even more worth it to work out in a gym.

Fabulous homes we feature come equipped with different sporting facilities like basketball courts or tennis courts or even skateboarding half-pipes. But those who love gym equipment and feed on the energy exuded by like-minded people working out will be thrilled to be accompanied by virtual personal trainers that enhance their gym experience. The hi-tech fitness system suggests a higher flexibility in reaching goals and a better transparency leading to a higher level of commitment. Pre-ordering your Gymtrack means staying ahead of fitness goals. As a member, your gym will be the one motivating you like never before.