Portugal-based studio blaanc borderless architecture shared photos and information regarding one of their latest works. Orikomi is a lightweight lampshade, made of high quality paper and carefully hand-crafted. Despite its complex, origami-inspired construction, Orikomi is simple to hang and serves much more than an aesthetic purpose: a portion of the sales profits of each piece goes to the Adobe for Women non-profit association, which empowers women in Mexico to build their own homes and earn a viable living. The purpose of this association is to recover and teach vernacular construction skills and at the same time help women in need, women who are often the real family pillar and who bring up children despite the enormous hardships they face.

The form of the Orikomi lampshade is simple and elegant in its visual effect, yet complex to create. According to the project developers, the design is suitable to light a variety of spaces in the home. Also available in this collection are packs of three tealights which make the perfect home decoration. Prices for a single lamp range from $58.67 to $71.71, depending on the complexity of each product. Check out the studio’s Etsy online store to see the entire collection! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by blaanc borderless architecture]