This contemporary split-level house in Seattle, Washington, USA is the result of an extensive renovation process delivered by the team at Grouparchitect. Ballard Remodel stands out in its neighborhood due to its distinctive large cantilevered shed roof, an unconventional outdoor terrace and a tasteful mix of exterior finishes. Unlike many other modern home designs, this particular conversion project roots the house in its environment, maintaining basic common features with the surrounding dwellings.

To this extent, the architects explain that “the original split-level configuration of this home was maintained but the central stairway was rebuilt and exposed to access a new upper floor and rooftop deck with views of downtown Seattle and Mt. Rainier.” Moreover, “all opportunities to expose structure were taken on the interior, from uncovering existing wood decking and floor beams to the open wood stair and steel railings. Sustainable building strategies and materials were utilized wherever possible throughout the project.” Despite a minimalist decorating approach, the interiors are filled with personality. Extensive use of wood and sprinkles of color make this place cheerful and inviting.

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