Two Barns House by RS+ Architects is located in a quiet northern district of Tychy, Poland, near a forest complex. Access is achieved by cul-de-sac from the main road connecting the plot in its north-west corner. Zoning plans based on the analysis of the urban area imposed roof geometry and the maximum height of the building. The investors requested that the house be open to the south garden, spacious and comfortable. To accomplish this and to split the volume, the architects divided the body of the building in two materially and functionally diferent parts.

The implementation process is briefly described by the project developers as follows: “We turned first shape towards south and include in it the whole day zone. To let residents maneuver their cars easier, we headed second shape toward the entry to the plot. Here we placed the rest of functional areas. In addition, we shifted both solids relative to each other to further enlarge the driveway, which due to the relatively narrow access road must be used to turn back. This procedure also allowed us to create shaded and private part of the terrace, which is directly accessible from the bedroom.

Additionally, parts of the house shade each other so that the master bedroom does not collect direct sunlight in the afternoon, letting the room cool down before the night. We connected both shapes with bright, open and glazed mezzanine”. The quality of the building and its details is the result of high quality materials, good workmanship and constant supervision by designers over the investment. [Information provided via e-mail by Robert Skitek Architects; Photography: Tomasz Zakrzewski]