Bittoni Architects envisioned a striking remodel of a modest beach bungalow originally built in 1913 and relocated in 1920. The exterior of the Bay Street Residence remains true to its original form, preserving its inherent street presence. Wrapped in zinc cladding- a weatherproof and corrosion resistant material- the residence was imagined as a tiny fortress neighboring the almighty ocean in Santa Monica, California, USA. A two-story rear addition provides a master suite and deck above while simultaneously creating a unique spar below that serves as a terraced indoor dining and living area communicating with the outdoors.

The interior has been fully renovated to create a streamline connection between each interior space and the rear yard. The color palette was kept simple, with white walls throughout, light wooden flooring and a variety of paintings bringing in a cheerful vibe. A generously-sized  living area is divided into functional zones, where the family can enjoy their meals, relax and socialize. Natural lighting is allowed inside though the use of large windows; on the first level, the living area can be entirely opened onto the inner courtyard. [Information provided via e-mail by Bittoni Architects; Photo credits: Taiyo Watanabe]