Obverse side: Snøhetta Design, Beauty of Boundaries.

Following a competition for the design of motifs for Norway’s new banknote series this spring, the winners were announced by Norges Bank as a duo working together to shape the nation’s new banknote design for its release in 2017. “Norges Bank has decided that a combination of two proposals submitted will go on for further work. The obverse sides of the notes will be developed on the basis of the proposal from The Metric System, Norwegian Living Space. The basis of the reverse sides will be the pixel motifs submitted by Snøhetta Design, Beauty of Boundaries.”

Proposals for Norway’s new banknotes has taken the spotlight with an enticing blend of modern technology art and the country’s deep connection to the sea. The winning design will be “the artistic basis of the new banknote series and communicate the theme “The Sea” in an appropriate manner.”

Reverse side: The Metric System, Norwegian Living Space

According to Norges Bank’s press-release, the competition seemed to have ended when Enzo Finger was selected as the winner: “Eight participants were selected by a group of experts to take part in the final round of the competition. The jury has comprised five external professionals and one member from the Bank. They have concluded that two proposals stand out: Ripple Effects by Enzo Finger, and Norwegian Living Space by The Metric System and Terje Tønnessen. The jury has selected Enzo Finger’s proposal as the winner of the competition and is of the opinion that this proposal communicates the theme in a surprising way with considerable artistic flair.” But then Norges Bank changed their minds and co-awarded the commission to The Metric System and Norwegian architecture studio Snøhetta.

Design can infiltrate every aspect of our lives, making it more beautiful and meaningful. How do you think Norway’s new banknotes will influence people when they’re released in 2017?

We’d love to hear your perspective on this, so drop us a line or two and enjoy some more entries from the competition:

These are proposals from The Metric System:

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