FeltBallRug.com provides high-quality, hand-crafted colorful rugs made by female artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company’s mission is that each rug brings beauty and love to homes and various interior spaces, while at the same time helping the women in Nepal build a better life. The rugs are are said to be made and produced in a safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way, and crafted with 100% New Zealand wool. Each piece is imported directly from the artisans in Nepal to customers all over the world, so there are no additional costs or unequal distributions of economic gains.

Artisans are able to work from home, giving them flexibility to attend to their family’s needs while earning a high salary. And each woman signs their rug before it gets shipped off, so customers know who made their piece of art and can than thank them personally by sending them an email.  Furthermore, because every rug is individually made, customers can choose between one of FeltBallRug.com’s beautiful, pre-designed rugs or design their own custom rug using their New Design Tool. You can visit their website to learn more about the rugs they create and the artisans that craft them.


Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world known for its colors, culture, and mountains. However, it also has one of the poorest economies. Due to lack of education and the social norms in Nepal, Nepalese women struggle to gain power and economic means to support themselves and their family. FeltBallRug.com’s aspiration is to provide these women with a craft, vocation, and income that they can feel proud of, empowered by, and use to provide for their family. Each of their team members in Nepal has their own story about how they have been able to create a better life through their work making Felt Ball Rugs. Be sure to have a look at the video embedded at the end of the post and learn about the fascinating “making-of” process.