Located in the seaside town of Amchit, in Lebanon, this 430 square-meter home developed by BLANKPAGE Architects stands out due to its unconventional design. The contemporary beach house (photographed by Ieva Saudargait?) showcases a layering of wooden decks and a minimal steel structure which supports the slabs together with the discreet glass enclosure. According to the architects, the relationship with the natural environment is maximized through a visual and compositional celebration of horizontality in general and the Mediterranean horizon in particular.

The house is comprised of three levels, each of them offering a different living experience: “The upper platform contains the master bedroom that opens up on an elongated lap pool and expansive sun deck. The middle platform houses two bedrooms and a family living. Finally, the lower deck serves as a reception area that extends outdoors towards the sea through an infinity pool as well as a staircase to the shore.” Additionally, the architects planned a series of external ramps and staircases allowing users to further connect to the spectacular landscape surrounding the building.