Updated to become an eco-friendly ranch, this original 160-acre homestead in California’s Chileno Valley was designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects for a young family with three children who love nature, tranquility and dreamy panoramic landscapes. Just three miles west of downtown Petaluma, California, this new barn house spreading over 2.498 square feet – the Hupomone Ranch – compliments the rural landscape and extends views towards the coastal range in the distance. Focusing on sustainable farming, the family needed a home that would not only mirror their choice, but also help maintain and improve the surroundings.

This is how the wonderful property became good soil for a family’s dream, according to the architects: “The ranch had been fallow for over 30 years and the owners, a young family with three children, wanted to build a barn house that would reflect their commitment to sustainable farming, draw on the natural serenity of the site and build on the sense of place in western Petaluma where farming and ranching are still a part of people’s daily lives.”

Landscaping by Lutsko Associates shaped outdoor living areas where native plants thrive, while interiors by Erin Martin Design express a close connection to the outdoors. The owners loved getting involved, so they built exterior tables and benches, as well as planned their dining room table design. The whole ranch is an invitation to a healthy, happy and conscious family life.

Showcasing a simple grounded form of the barn, the eco-friendly ranch gathers the family in a light-flooded living area gathering views of the south. Opposing this glass wall under a gabled roof, the entrance set in the more opaque north side creates a transparent connection to surrounding views. Piercing through the house to the meadow beyond, this corridor of light enables panoramic views as well as an empowering vibe at night, when the building is illuminated. Within the floor-plan, bedrooms and kitchen occupy either side of the living area, while a loft right above the entrance creates even more space for the family.

Photographs by David Wakely expose the site as well as interiors, so we can get an idea of this miraculous blend of modern comfort and rural settings.

Technical details ensure the modern ranch house is energy-efficient in addition to comfortable and inspiring: “The house is certified LEED Platinum and features a number of energy saving features exceeding title 24 by over 50 percent. Passive heating and cooling with thermal mass and insulation, Geothermal, radiant cooling and heating along with solar and photovoltaic panels contribute to the house’s energy efficiency.”

The architects have a beautiful way of expressing the link to nature in their work, as we’ve seen in this residential viewing platform overlooking San Francisco Bay. They created the Hupomone Ranch as a retreat where the owning family would not only live, but improve and inspire others with their work.