They don’t call it “the art of cooking” in vain. In her quest for delivering sweet goods, pastry chef Caitlin Freeman of Miette Bakery and Blue Bottle Coffee Company recreates famous modern art works. Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koons, and Piet Mondrian are just some of the artists evoked in the chef’s gastronomic repertoire. Caitlin Freeman is the owner of the book Modern Art Desserts which “chronicles the desserts, inspiration, and adventures that happen when combining art and cake”. The book presents stunning treats and breaks down the recipes, so talented cooks can reproduce them at home. Interested in how these modern art-inspired cakes look like? Then you will certainly enjoy the gallery below.

Considered the inventor of neoplasticism, Piet Mondrian begun with a white background, upon which he used to paint a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. Freeman’s Mondrian Cake is done by initially cutting the cake in eight pieces, filling some with color and stacking them back together in chocolate glaze. Check out the video to better understand the process!

Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s Rouen Cathedral Set V, the Lichtenstein Cake is a culinary tribute in red velvet and Ben-Day-inspired dots. At a first glance, the colorful cheese cake may not lead you to the inspiration source, but when explained, the concept and its representation do seem to have aspects in common.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art developed by Swiss architect Mario Botta inspired a layered cake in black cocoa and whipped cream topped with a chocolate sable.

Combining the collage technique with paintings, Mark Bradford is known for his  grid-like abstract works. Bradford Cheese Plate for beginner bakers is a cheese plate with homemade buttermilk crackers, apricot butter, and slices of cheese arranged according to Mark Bradford’s abstract paintings.

Caitlin Freeman also presented a delicious rendition of Buckminster Fuller’s Tetrahedral City. The chef’s version includes Fuller’s Hot Chocolate homemade marshmallows floating in rich cocoa and topped with sea salt.