Flaunting a rough geometric interplay of lines, this peculiar collection of volumes is actually a home designed by Of Diverse Research (ODR) Architects within an Australian neighborhood. An unfamiliar shape like this one can’t evoke anything less than a mixture of inspirational sources. Seen by its creators as “a chance for interpretation as opposed to duplication” within a mixed urban contexts, this residence’s design turns the corner with an ample design leap. Although symmetry makes design simple, bursts of ingenuity slowly change our urban landscapes on a daily basis. Located at 16A Hunter Street, this home “is not interested in overlooking adjoining buildings, rather it is interested in providing views into itself for its occupants and engaging with its neighbors (whilst also challenging them.)”

According to the architects, the modern geometric home “takes on a representational role. The corrugated sheet profiles pay reference to the “industrial” and working class, the second floor forms to the west abstract local hipped roof forms and acknowledge the “saw tooth” typology to the east. We acknowledge Jeffrey Smart’s “The Directors” through form (sign) and color implementation. Numbers appear embedded in the facade. The image is about an urban landscape, and the ordinary. We see these as “another Australian layer”.

Maybe at first sight, this modern geometric home seems odd, yet the architects invite us to look closer, “look beyond the skin and accept the substance”. What does it say to you?