Positioned right on the edge of a residential area in De Pinte, Belgium, this intriguing home neighbors an enchanting small forest gathering all the benefits and pouring them inside. Villa Moerkensheide showcases a symmetric spatial configuration: three cubes around an equilateral triangle. Breaking the monotony, an asymmetric articulation at the carport connects the intriguing home to the street.

Architects Dieter De Vos Architecten placed the 306 square meter home in the center of the plot, linking it to the neighborhood via three modern gardens: “An explicit orientation to the sun shapes the tripartite composition of the house. Three gardens formally complement the composition, each garden intended for a specific time of day: morning, afternoon, evening.” The home was imagined as having a concrete and blockwork loadbearing structure to support an adventurous architectural style.

Covered in a skin of brickwork – hand-selected peat-fired bricks in Flemish bond -the bold and beautiful geometric castle is a modern day fairytale home. Boasting eye-caching arched windows on the ground floor, beautiful hardwood carpentry and rectangular windows on the upper floor, the intriguing home feels bright and elegant. Forscarini’s “Rituals XL” suspended lamp brightens the dining area with a warm glow. Photographs by Filip Dujardin expose Villa Moerkensheide’s architecture from different angles, shaping an idea of its composition in our minds. Imagine these three large arched windows leading each to a garden, to a state of mind, to a moment in time.

Inside, the spaces are functional, bright and cozy. As we know, people love modern architecture and its unique way of expression. Three blind end walls within the open space flaunt integrated cabinets that allow the eating area, seating area and work area to become separate functions. Intriguing in its many details beautifully put into play, the elegant home is enlivened by natural materials and colors.

A sculptural spiral staircase thrones in the middle of the first floor, leading to the upstairs private suite. Here, three freestanding cabinets separate three rooms from the hallway, creating a powerful contrast to the downstairs through the use of white and light coming from perforations on the end walls and flat roof. Now that’s how you make an entrance in a new neighborhood!