Inspired by the posture used in horseback riding, Christian Sjöström has designed Camou, an everyday-use chair emphasizing on movement, variation and control of the body. The chair is designed in such a way that the user is “forced” to move, through the rocking function, but at the same time is in control and can change posture any time he or she wishes to. The designer explains that the horseback riding position is ergonomic for the body, taking the burden off the back and muscles. The wide back rest of the seating unit gives a steady support for a more relaxed posture.

The ability to move creates a variety of sitting positions and the user is in charge of the body. The form of the seating unit is a result of function, material and ergonomics- an important part of the design process. Camou Chair has its starting-point in a theoretical analysis investigating and questioning the standard often used in developing chairs. The result has an organic shape, which creates alternative ways of how to sit in everyday situations. The steel tube and the transparent 3D-textile create interesting visual effects; the design melts in its environment, yet its sculptural character makes it noticeable in any modern scheme. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Christian Sjöström]