We got used to Swedish homes displaying unassuming comfortable decors, with a cheerful vibe throughout. Comparing to what we usually publish, this Scandinavian apartment is downright “irreverent”. It is exactly this original twist that made it share it further. Envisioned by architect Denis Krasikov, the renderings below depict a spacious home jazzed up by industrial elements. The loft (to be developed in Murmansk, Russia) is bright and spacious due to its large windows, high ceilings and clever decorating scheme. An intriguing visual effect is achieved by contrasting gray tones on the furniture and kitchen appliances with the white walls.

Large quotes spread throughout the living room lighten the atmosphere and add personality to the space. With a raw, genuine look, the kitchen is the focal part of the social area. However, the designer did a great job softening its sober feel; jars of goodies here, a friendly blackboard there and some working tools in wood make for well needed homey touches. The bedroom is particularly interesting with its breezy ambiance and highly interesting lighting. Would you personally describe this apartment as “welcoming”?