A new wooden house can invoke the fascination of rural life while compacting all the necessities of a modern family life within a sequence of spaces. Living in the city often means dreaming about a swimming pool and poolside terrace where the sunny seasons are sprinkled with happiness and precious family and friends time. And when the building you call home displays a contemporary appeal from the front and offers privacy in the back, then it’s definitely a dream home. Occupying a total of 170 square meters, this House in Colmar, France was imagined by ideaa architectures as a breath of fresh design within a former district of farmers in this picturesque town in north-eastern France.

Photographed by Alain-Marc Oberlé, the L-shaped floor plan was perfect for creating a patio sheltering this family’s private life from indiscreet eyes. Opening on to a terrace, social areas define a lifestyle in connection to the great outdoors, integrating different activities within this inviting indoor/outdoor living space. By closing the North and the East facades, architects created a cluster of interior spaces guiding natural light inside and benefiting from extended periods of sunshine. The new wooden house has all living areas pointed to the garden, inviting each inhabitant to enjoy fresh air and modern amenities.

Even the technologies we have come to expect from modern homes are integrated in this family residence. According to the architects, “the energy performances are about 30 % superior to the expectations of the current thermal regulations. The house is built in skeleton wood and use renewable energies for the heating and to the insulation.”

How do you feel about using wood and reclaimed wood in building or renovating your home?