Perfect for serving buffet meals, the elegant C1 Credenza designed by Marcus Friesl from mf design group is a statement furniture piece for modern decors. According to the official description from the designer, the unit uses a thin folded metal shell to support both upper and lower drawers. Additionally, an embedded structural system in the drawer units allows the C1 to “span the full seven feet without intermediate support, and to float elegantly in space. The resulting design is a technically precise modern form, embodied with warmth and character”.

Ingeniously camouflaged, the drawers offer plenty of storage space for modern dining areas. The slick, minimalist design seems to visually reduce its impressive scale. The C1 Credenza is built in Canada with the care of time-honored craftsmanship combined with innovative technology to create a superior fit and finish. It is available in custom wood and metal finishes. The manufacturing technique has been tooled to allow for a wide variety of custom sizing based on specific client needs.