Located in Hilltop Mansion, Braemar Hill, Hong Kong, this home was originally a two-bedroom one. G7 Apartment by Fixonic is the result of a contemporary make-over, aiming at a mores suitable layout for the living needs of the owner. According to the architects, the remodeling process began with moving the living room and study area to the larger side of the apartment, which has better open views through the windows and is closer to the kitchen. A guest bathroom was created near the entrance area using cultured limestone as a feature wall and a mirror wall to extend the space of the dining area.

A sliding frosted glass door separates the bedroom from the other areas of the apartment; this ensures privacy and lets enough light into the entrance zone. Inside the main bedroom there is a walk-in changing room with plenty of storage space for clothes and other personal items. Throughout the apartment, the designers used straight grain Oliver Ash timber on the walls and flooring, which gives a warm feeling flowing continuously between the living areas. Remote controlled LED lighting and Lutron lighting systems were installed to create different moods and highlight certain parts of the apartment. [Photos and information provided by ]