Storage kit Shkatulka is inspired from a Russian “secret box”, a special unit for jewellery and precious items with a trick opening mechanism. The unconventional office project was planned in a Russian hut where the designers at Dopludo had a chance to reinterpret historical heritage and recreate archetypal household items with a modern twist. Lesha Galkin was one of the master minds behind this creation; with studies in both Russia and Sweden, the artist is known for criticizing Russian design for its tendency towards plagiarism. This new storage kit aims to encourage innovative works throughout the country.

According to the official project description, the box is made of bright white marble and implements pale wooden finishes, with hidden Dopludo slats that slide away at the sides to ease the lid off.  The unit can “hide” neatly stacked miniature shelving units, pen and pencil holders, paper weights and paper files. As you can see in the photos below, this ensemble makes for a stylish hand-crafted decorative structure. Whenever you feel like it, Shkatulka lets you rearrange its compartments according to your needs. Check out the photos and tell us if you find the project useful and/or appealing.