The mere sight of this sculptural chair design by Italian product manufacturer Binome inspires cheerfulness and a loose approach to sober modern-life aspects. We love the colorful swing-ring look, as well as its chubby, almost humorous character. The Acari chair proudly displays a  resin rubber base, fiberglass cloth cushions and oak-wood legs. Well rounded and smooth, the tactile base also acts as a powerful back support. Seemingly “skinny”, compared to Acari’s massive body, the four elegant-looking legs can support the weight of each respected family member.

Removable cushions as well as back rest were added to the base for extra comfort. Cleaning is done easily: use a wet cloth for the rubbery support and remove the cushions for machine wash. Both the base and cushions come in a variety of colors, making the chair easily adaptable to many contemporary interiors. But the furniture piece was also designed for the outdoors. Spread around the garden, these flashy rounded chairs will add a vibrant atmosphere, suited for private gatherings, as well as large parties.