Residents and workers in skyscrapers and other tall buildings are often trapped in case of a fire. The newly developed Evacuator offers a last resort, allowing them to slowly and safely descend on a steel cable outside of the building. Worldwide the device can save thousands of lives, from residents in tall buildings to mechanics in wind turbines. Dutch inventors Eugene Verstegen and Joris Veeger stated: “If you are living or working in a tall building, you must be able to get out at all times. We can put people on the moon. Why is there no simple solution for evacuations from great heights?

Together with a professional engineering company they developed a fireproof steel winch, which is guaranteed to work at all times, even when electricity is down. The device allows four persons at the same time to descend 50, 140 or 300 meters. They automatically descend in a safety harness on a steel cable, at a speed of 1 meter per second. The Evacuator is people’s last resort if elevators are switched off, emergency exits are filled with smoke and firemen can’t reach them. ,,What the airbag is for cars, the Evacuator is for tall buildings. With this technology we can save lives in 99 percent of all tall buildings in the world,” Verstegen states. Check out the video and let us know what you think about this groundbreaking idea!