Referencing the cult saga Star Wars, South Korean architectural bureau Moon Hoon Land designed and implemented Star Wars House, a futuristic building with a flashy character. Its name and design are driven from the the childhood dream of the owner- that of someday becoming an astronaut. The irregular-shaped dwelling is located in a calm suburb and answers the need for peaceful living, in a time when more and more families in South Korea tend to move away from the crowded and polluted metropolises. A small footprint leaves enough space for gardening and outdoor relaxation areas.

An extravagant addition to its neighborhood, the project features concrete walls, large windows displayed both horizontally and vertically and beveled grooves in the facades, inspired by futuristic space ships. The Star Wars is composed of three levels, two of which are condensed below, while the upper story contains an open play room for the children. Architect Moon Hoon describes the top level as “a place high up that could be a control room for the future Darth Vader or a Jedi.”  This special themed playground also comes with a secret room and a small slide.