Lausanne House project is the architectural equivalent of bungalow renovation in Québec, Canada. Opting for a sober and elegant exterior, Hatem+D Architecture installed a cover of pale grey wood at the level of the main block and a mixture of fibrocement and black bricks. A second floor was added, which accommodates three large bedrooms. According to the architects, landscaping was thought to preserve most of the existing elements. Rocks discovered during the works were moved in various places on the site. Additionally, three mature trees were preserved, their foliage allowing a play of shadow and light on the facades.

Aside from requesting a face-lift for the bungalow, the owners wanted a place filled with natural light, as well as large openings to enjoy their landscaped terrain. Therefore, the living and dining room both open to the terrace through generously-sized glass doors. Moreover, “a passageway was added in front of the residence and makes the link between this volume and the new garage. The hallway, generous and open, throws a great deal of light at the heart of the project.” Enjoy the virtual tour! [Photographs: Alexandre Guilbeault]