Displaying a highly minimalist architecture approach, Y7-House by Architect Show is located in a scenic landscape in Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. The rectangular box-shaped residence takes advantage of a hillside position, ensuring extensive views over Omura Bay. Elevated on a concrete base, the structure is intended to have a minimum impact on the environment. This way, a cantilever is created on the north and west sides, which gives passers-by the feeling of a floating home.

Moreover, the architect gave the street facade a 3D effect, by protruding and recessing portions of the main volume, while visually emphasizing the differences through color. The interior design is minimalist, with wood employed extensively for a welcoming effect. Efforts were made to hide lighting equipment and air-conditioning, in order to achieve a high level of simplicity, with focus on peaceful living. Generously-sized windows, a terrace and a deck offer good means for contemplating the neighboring bay. How do you personally appreciate the overall design of this residence? [Photography: Toshihisa Ishii]