House AND is the result of an inspiring home extension implemented by adn Architectures in Anderlues, Belgium. The residence is one of the many pavilion type homes widely produced in Belgium. According to the architects, the flip-side to the standardization of these houses is a reduction in quality, both in terms of both space and integration to the urban landscape. The 24 square-meter addition draws inspiration from the existing house and creates interesting contrasts: an inverted roof in opposition with the existing traditional one and a wooden structure clashing with the older masonry walls on the site.

We love the welcoming feel this place exudes and appreciate the architectural effort in maintaining this serene atmosphere, despite adding a modern construction: “In the end, this extension creates a dialogue between old and new through opposition: a wooden cabin grafted onto the home, a traditional construction attached to the very image of standardized habitat”. The new interior offers a high level of seclusion and plenty of natural light from the side windows and clerestory. How would you comment on the design of this new building? [Photography by: Filip Dujardin ]