Do you remember this height-adjustable desk that was featured on Freshome a while back? It seems that working while standing gains more and more popularity, as people are facing the dangers of sitting on a chair for hours in a row. Clearly, the lack of inactivity leads to various health hazards and it is believed that standing up may partially fix the problem. LIFT is the newest adjustable smart desk on the market, promising to improve posture and efficiency. Envisioned by the creative team at iSkelter, it features a sleek wooden design, making it easy adaptable to a variety of interiors.

The idea behind this design is relatively simple: users can stand for most of the day, and when they feel like resting, they can just adjust the level of the desk. After project funding on Kickstarter, personalizing the LIFT surface with any of the following features is possible: Phone and Tablet Display Docks, Dry Erase White Board, Drink Holder, and MousePad. Plus, select from either Natural (light) or Hazelnut (dark) Bamboo. Have a look at the video below to find out more information about the product and tell us what you think!