A play of two volumes stacked one on top of the other was the design proposal forwarded by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architects for LK House in the town of Hard, Austria. The “boxes” are partially wrapped in concrete, a rough material contrasting the extensive glazing and wooden shading panels. A feeling of lightness is unleashed throughout the residence, despite its imposing exterior. The architectural solution offers a chance for the inhabitants to enjoy various perspective of the surroundings without compromising in privacy.

As you step inside, you will notice a powerful contrast between the immaterial white ceilings and dark floors in smoked oak: “The entrant immediately sees the spatial layout as it emulates the form of the building on the outside. From the entrance at the intersection between ground floor and the upper story placed in an orthogonal direction one floor above, a cross-shaped corridor layout can be distinguished on two levels”. The ground floor accommodates living spaces, with the dining area projected towards the garden, in line with the upper story that juts out of the building. The bedrooms in the upper level offer a panoramic view of the nearby lake. [Photography: Bruno Klomfar]