Elegance if the defining trait of the soothing Ibirapuera Apartment – an inviting home where hardwood floors and Carrara marble fit perfectly. Designed by one of Brazil’s prominent interior architecture and decoration designers – Diego Revollo – this inviting home in São Paulo’s Ibirapuera neighborhood bears the name of its location while spreading over 350 square meters. Within such a spacious collection of rooms, the illustrious designer Diego Revollo used classic elements to define a contemporary lifestyle. Imagined for a middle-aged couple with grown children, the apartment parades the owners’ love for art with every chance. In search for a design that would appeal both to owners and younger sons, Diego’s work embedded delicate traditional elements in the clear-cut contemporary design, balancing the technological additions with feelings of sophistication and belonging. The result: an inviting home in the busy city.

The designer describes the work done to improve the style and lifestyle resulted from his attentive work: “The project started based on the big windows and the high headroom (around 3 meters) of the space choosing materials that could valuate the natural light and its amplitude.” Using light to enrich furnishing and art pieces, the designer turned a pure white apartment into a cozy art gallery and inviting home with contrasting black elements and beige, gray and raw tones in the furnishings: “The style of the furnishing is a variation of Italian modern design and classical design composing an elegant and balanced mix of styles.” Doors that close perfectly and walls coated with acoustic foam then covered by a silk fabric create a high-tech sophistication. According to the designer, “the choice of the furnishing reflects the personality of the owners of the apartment and their appreciation for Italian design and also traditional and delicate decorative items.”

In such a scenic apartment, every detail was meant to add to the overall feeling of home – a customized space for love, peace and relaxation.