First impressions are the building block you can use to erect an inspiring world of beauty around you. When someone first visits your home, they see the front door. And the door handle as they get closer. Imagine a door handle so beautiful, it would immediately receive the admiration of your guests. These stunning handmade door handles and door knobs were carefully crafted by Haute Déco, a London-based company specializing in luxury contemporary door handles. They will provide the “WOW” factor to a detail usually forgotten. Every door you face has a handle of some sort and you interact with it through sight and touch.

The signature collection of Haute Déco’s contemporary door-handles are handmade by British craftsmen in the UK and explore a luxury door handle design with a distinctive style. Designing and manufacturing high-quality door handles, the company imagined their Signature Collection as encompassing coordinated door knobs, lever handles, cabinet knobs and center knobs. Available in many metal colors – polished for a mirror effect or satin for a soft glow – these precious handles have been seen in up-scale London residences, as well as luxury yachts in customized versions that inspire.

The fabulous Signature Collection “epitomises Haute Déco’s distinctive style of understated contemporary glamour. Bringing together bronze elements and Cristalle glass, the concept behind the collection is to play on the reflection of light on polished or satin metal, refracted through glass for a sensational blend of radiance and sheer translucency. The concept and proprietary processes that have been perfected over time to achieve such extraordinary radiance were developed at the company’s artisan workshop in Hampshire where the collection is produced. Bronze elements, plated and polished to a variety of metal finishes, are cast into Cristalle glass, an alternative material to crystal specific to Haute Déco: as translucent as the purest crystals yet extremely durable so that it will not chip, it can, unlike glass, be cast around metal; the secret to its soft glow is in the multi stages of the polishing process, which is done by hand.”

Call them door jewelry if you like, simply because they are.