The new façade of Louis Vuitton Matsuya Ginza in Tokyo is said to be inspired by the history of Ginza, the city that used to be known for its Art Deco design. According to renowned Japanese Architect Jun Aoki, the creative mind behind the new development, Ginza was the entrance of Tokyo, adjacent to Shimbashi, from which the very first railway station of Japan stretched to the port and led to the foreign Country. The geometric cladding of the building is inspired by Louis Vuitton’s Damier logo in relationship to edo-komon, the pattern of traditional Tokyo.

Depending on the moment of the day, this massive store in Tokyo will offer several sights to passers-by: “Gentle bulges and dents elaborate the façade of opal beige reliefs. With these pattern, the façade reveals various appearances in sunlight, and also during the night, the LED lights behind the reliefs lit the façade to render another expression reminiscent of Louis Vuitton’s monogram”. The building’s distinctive silhouette combined with its pattern cladding make it easy to spot from far away in the crowded streets of Tokyo. How would you comment on the overall design of this new LV store? [Photography: Daici Ano]