Ippolito Fleitz Group was commissioned to develop a creative home on a hillside in Stuttgart, a site offering fantastic views over the city nestled in the valley below. Apartment Sch stretches over three mezzanines in the upper levels of a building dating from the 1980s and was especially designed for a couple in love and involved with art. The clients’ remarkable collection of paintings is said to create a striking interplay with the materials, geometric forms and colors of the interior. Envisioned around pictures and perspectives, the apartment frames exquisite panoramic views from most of its rooms.

The first level hosts the kitchen, a lounge area with a snooker table, a laundry, workroom, and an interior for guests. According to the designers, the living mezzanine is reached from the first landing, where a large mirror that opens up the sloping roof acts as a virtual window. Its oval shape is dissected into four equal parts, which are gently inclined towards the centre and thus produce dramatic and surprising mirror images. The mezzanine contains the living room, fireplace and balcony. The family bedrooms are located above, together with a sauna. [Photos by: Zooey Braun]