Designer Luc Lacroix of o-carre e-mailed us photos and information depicting his latest project, an ingenious drawing unit shaped like a giant paper block. According to the designer, BLOC is a chic version of a small office for kids. It allows your child and his or her friends to draw together in one place. With four rubber wheels, it moves easily from one corner of the room to another, empowering adults to keep an eye on children, no matter where they are. And at the end of the day, parents are also free to join the fun.

We have to say we are pleasantly surprised to see a project that encourages offline creativity for children. This lovely design by Luc Lacroix ranks high in aesthetics, as well as versatility. Its base is made of laminated plywood against oiled wood finish and it includes one drawer and four wheels. Smooth, white, 120m paper makes this drawing unit ideal for any pencil or paint. Its rubberized peripheral coating (just like you will find in a standard paper block), separates paper piece by piece and allows children to remove them one at a time. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by designer Luc Lacroix ]