Imagine coming home at dusk to this marvelous contemporary home! With an illuminated facade composed of sleek design lines, this 7,168 square feet villa in Hermosillo, Mexico, is a private home holding great inspiration. Designed by Imativa Arquitectos and photographed by Alexander Potiomkin, the private property known as Residencia R35 rises three levels up to accommodate a very specific circulation – service, social and private – encouraged by the site’s topography. Capturing views of treetops and the minimalist interior courtyard through dark-framed floor-to-ceiling windows, the architecture was imagined elegant and contemporary.

Displayed in white concrete, stone, metal and wood in a predominantly sophisticated manner, both interiors and outdoors have been designed to make the most of available space. You can see how the interior garden and pool play a key role in connecting the private interior spaces with an outdoor space that feels secluded. Transparency and a good use of materials help the home integrate in its surroundings while offering a comfortable cluster of rooms inside.

Take a good look at the simple details and you’ll see their importance in creating habitable eye-candy.