Gavin Maddock Design Studio completed the development of Pearl Bay Residence, an impressive retreat located 90kms north of Cape Town, South Africa and bordered by a nature reserve adjoining the ocean. A modern signature within the budget and Mediterranean style influences were the two main requirements mentioned in the clients’ brief. The result is a rectangular double storey structure of 600 square meters, accommodating three bedrooms, four bathrooms, generous living and dining areas both inside and out, a gallery, casual living room, a study, decks, terraces and balconies.

Other architecture challenges were successfully met: “The building had to be grounded, therefore it needed to be vertical, not horizontal. Both the front and rear pavilions are two storeys and the windows are sliced through to the parapet to emphasize the verticality. The two pavilions are joined by the gallery, which is a single storey element where the horizontal lateral wall again emphasizes the verticality of the main building.” As you can see in the photos below, every interior frames mesmerizing ocean views, adding up to the perpetual holiday feel this place inspires. [Photos by Adam Letch]