Commissioned to provide a new kitchen and living room for a couple whose children had recently moved out, London studio Tigg Coll Architects implemented an original home extension. This addition connects the main building with the garden and features sliding glass doors which retract into brick walls:  “Even though we wanted the new extension to really feel contemporary in kind and use, we also wanted to use a material that would hyperlink this new aspect back to the history of the current building and area as a complete. If done properly, brickwork adds movement and texture, and will stand the test of time”, ” stated Tigg Coll.

An original personality was imprinted in the new home extension :””We like the idea that although the indoor and outdoor spaces are linked, they still remain different and the brick threshold helps to emphasize this.” As you step inside, you are greeted by a row of bricks, marking the indoor-outdoor boundary. Inside and out, the architects employed large white porcelain tiles, creating bold color contrasts with the neighboring yard and with other materials from the main building. How would you personally comment on the outcome of this project ? [Photography is by Andy Matthews ]