Pobble House is an original looking timber frame residence paying tribute to the qualities and architectural history of its special location in Ashford, Kent, England: “Owing to the site’s significance, local planning policy dictates that any new building must replace an existing one and is to be of similar scale and proportion to that of the original. To this end a material palette was chosen that would enhance with age. Whilst being designed to a tight budget of under £250,000, the building has a very high quality and robust nature to withstand the harsh climate”, explained the team at Guy Hollaway Architects.

The residence is made up of three modules, each enveloped in separate materials: a Core-ten steel mesh, Larch and robust cement fibre board. Offering high standard living conditions, this retreat was especially designed to accommodate two families with three children each. According to the architects, the entrance to the building is low key and protected from the harsh conditions. A large open plan kitchen, dining and living area form the heart of the home. Large format glazing and picture windows allow the inhabitants to witness panoramic views over the spectacular site.