4 Springs Lane residence in Rappahannock County, Virginia, USA is the result of extensive site investigation, including erecting scaffolding at various locations. The final house placement has been chosen by the team at Robert M. Gurney Architect up on on one of the hills on the property, overlooking a meadow at the base of woodlands. Organized linearly as a series of volumes, the residence makes the most of distant views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, while offering its inhabitants easy access to a terrace with swimming pool.

Interior spaces are active and intricate, tranquil and minimal: “With vistas in all directions, large expanses of glass allow the landscape views to provide the primary sensory experience. The two-story living / dining space has floor-to-ceiling glass at each end, providing a lens through which to view the mountains from the terrace”. Sustainable features of the residence include a geothermal HVAC system, energy efficient appliances, wall and ceiling infrastructure with maximum insulation, a rain-screen cladding system, extensive daylighting, solar-sensored shades, large operable windows and doors providing natural ventilation. [Photographs: Maxwell MacKenzie]