Developed by Mcfarlane Biggar Architects + Designers, Gambier Island House is an impressive modern residence dramatically integrated in a rocky landscape on Gambier Island, near Vancouver, Canada. The project was especially envisioned as a weekend retreat for a couple and their two children. Independent sources for heat and electricity had to be carefully examined and implemented, with access to the new house only being possible via water. Extensive use of glass maximizes the spectacular views, without compromises regarding privacy.

Gambier Island House showcases a minimalist contemporary design, with a simple genometry: “Two stacked boxes are perched on the rocky cliff, clad in wood, cement board, and glass to fend off the elements. Three-bedrooms and two bathrooms are complemented by an open-plan kitchen, dining + living area with simple lines to frame the amazing views to sea and mountains beyond, while expansive roof decks create a seamless connection with the spectacular setting”. The hybrid structure is mainly built out of wood with some steel and minimal concrete, in order to minimize its effects on the site. How would you personally comment on the overall design of this weekend retreat?