Subiaco Oval Courtyard is the official name of a highly original residential project developed and implemented by Luigi Rosselli Architects in Subiaco, Australia. Seen from the street level, this family home is visually in tune with the character of the early 1900s federation era Subiaco architecture style, displaying pitched roofs, a locally-inspired criss-cross brick-wood pattern and a traditional veranda. However, entering the main building reveals a secret: the house is in fact a cluster of pavilions centered around an oval courtyard.

According to the architects, the elliptical courtyard, which runs diagonally through heart of the house from the front door to the back gate, is the focal point of the home in terms of both design and use: “The courtyard divides the bedrooms from the living space with the entrance hall in the center. From the entry one can view the whole courtyard with the living and bedroom wings flanking it, it is a very intimate and private space, minimally landscaped with a lawn, enhanced by a couple of mature growth trees existing on the block. ” The shape of the courtyard is also borrowed by the surrounding buildings and you can see it in the curves of the connecting corridors and partition glass paneling. [Photography: Edward Birch]