Taking on the challenges of a narrow site, Inglis Architects designed and developed Fairbairn Road House in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The project showcases a simple architectural language of masonry, timber and stone, with emphasis on the front facade: “The house presents itself to the public and does not seek refuge behind a fence. It was our ambition that the house engaged with its environment and the individual. A key strategy employed to do this involved layering up the front elevation to the street to create depth as opposed to a flat facade,” explained the architects.

The breezeway brick screen serves multiple purposes: it gives the property a sense of intimacy and it creates an extra landscaped area for outdoor relaxation. According to the official description, the steel entry canopy folds out between the screen welcoming you and it’s at this point that there is a mental and physical threshold where one moves from the public to the private. Fairbairn Road House is structured on two levels, with the social areas located on the ground floor and the bedrooms elevated to the tree tops, for exceptional views.