Raised in Waihi Beach, New Zealand and currently living in Sydney, Australia, Ben Young is a self-taught artist. From surfing and skateboarding to repairing furniture and building boats, Ben spends time indulging in bohemian activities. But today we would like to direct your attention towards his fascinating glass sculptures inspired by waves, a special project he has been perfecting for almost a decade. Each of his works depicts a special “scene”, where glass takes center stage. The beholder is given a chance to visualize every piece as a whole, then enjoy the effect of different lighting effects, as he or she changes the viewing perspective.

Asked where he gets inspiration from, Ben replied: “The ocean and nature are huge inspirations to me. I have grown up by the sea and surfing is a huge part of my life so it was pretty natural for me to start exploring these concepts to begin with. The technical side of my work is something that I really enjoy too, so I always want to be pushing myself when it comes to new techniques or trying new ideas“.  One may think that these sculptures are made using 3D printing, but in fact no computer or high-tech machinery is used in the process. Each of his pieces is hand drawn, hand cut and handcrafted, layer on layer to create the end product. [Photos by Robert Gray Photography] For those of you who would like to know more about the artist’s personality and his work, enjoy the video we’ve uploaded at the end of the post!

My Name is Ben Young – Official trailer from DAVID-CHILD on Vimeo.